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Hyco IN96T Aquila Instantaneous Inline Temperature Stabilised Water Heater for Hand Basins/Showers 9.6kW

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Instantaneous water heaters are very energy efficient since they only consume energy when they are used. The Hyco Aquila 9.6kW is a mains pressure multipoint instantaneous water heater with electronic temperature control designed for handwashing and light dishwashing applications.  The unit can also be used for a single shower.

Power 9.6 kW | Dimensions 380 x 230 x 70mm (H x W x D inc Dial)

  • Features and Benefits 

    • 9.6kW rating 
    • Highly energy efficient – no standing heat losses 
    • Bare wire heating system gives fast heat up time 
    • External electronic temperature control accurate to the nearest degree 
    • Energy saving – only uses the power required to deliver the chosen temperature 
    • Slimline design 
    • Heats the water instantly as it flows through the unit 
    • Heating power adjusted electronically to compensate for temperature, flow rate and water pressure variations 
    • Digital temperature display 
    • Temperature factory set at 38°C and can be adjusted by the user between 30°C and 60°C 
    • One programmable memory setting 
    • After power off/on the unit will recall the last usage outlet temperature 
    • Water supplied to one or two outlets depending on application 
    • Easy to install

    Technical Specification

    Power Rating 9.6kW @ 230V

    Outer Casing - Easy clean, ivory white, durable ABS casing

    Heating Element - Bare-wire heating system (2 nickel chrome heating elements) for fast response

    Temperature display °C with actual flow rate l/min display below with heating power % (7 bars each bar shows 1/7 heating power)

    M Memory – save current selected temperature
    Touch screen arrow keys allow the user to set the required temperature.
    Touch screen power on/off control

    Outlet temperature is factory pre-set at 38°C

    The temperature display will flash if the set temperature cannot be reached.

    Flow Dial
    Increase/ decrease maximum water flow rate

    Overheat termperature protection 75°C (manual reset).

    Water temperature electronically controlled to maintain user selected temperature between 30°C and 60°C.

    Temperature stabilised – unit maintains consistent outlet temperature as inlet water pressure and temperature vary.

    IP Rating

    Net weight 2.02KG (empty)

    This appliance must be installed in a frost free environment.

    The heater should be located as close as practical to the hot water outlet in order to avoid unnecessary heat losses through the pipework.

    Height x  Width x Depth 380 x 230 x 70mm

    (including dial) x 90mm