Public Sector Orders

Official Purchase Orders from Public Sector Organisations

or registered charities are welcome and may be or emailed to

Please remember to include all relevant details (the product(s) codes and description, contact names, telephone numbers, purchase order number, billing and delivery addresses, any special delivery instructions etc).

Aquahot will process the order once the goods have been delivered to your designated address will will issue a standard 30-day invoice which will reference your purchase order number and any other organisational data you may request. 

Public sector organisations include, but are not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Local Councils and Area Authorities
  • Government Departments
  • National Health Service
  • Fire Service
  • Police Authorities
  • Ministry of Defence
  • National Parks Authorities
  • Magistrate's Courts
  • Local Authority Sports Centres etc. 

Credit accounts can also be opened by arrangement by larger commercial organisations that have regular purchasing requirements. Accounts are not opened instantly, so for any immediate requirements please use the credit card processing facility provided on this website. Alternatively you may request a proforma invoice and make payment by BACS, CHAPS, cheque or credit/debit card over the telephone.