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Instanta CTS10PB SureFlow Touch Counter top 10L Push Button

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The new SureFlow Touch is the ideal option for self-service, allowing the option for a push and hold dispense or a timed filled measure to a specific size vessel.Two year on-site warranty

Power 3 kW | Initial Draw-Off 10L | Approx Hourly Output 28 L | Dimensions 545 x 240 x 522mm (H x W x D)

  • Features & Benefits

    • Choice of water dispense; either standard push & hold (on demand) or if preferred, programmable metered/timed dispense
    • Top-up feature allows user to top-up the drink following a measured dispense. The screen continues to flash for 5 seconds during which time the drink can be topped up. After 5 seconds, it reverts to timed dispense mode.
    • Quick and easy to program the metered dispense using memory function on set-up.
    • LCD screen displays a prominent “Caution Hot Water” safety message which flashes whenever hot water is dispensed.
    • Electrical mains cord and water inlet coupling are underneath the boiler (provides choice of service connections from under-counter or above counter).
    • Scale Prevention  In hard water areas the presence of naturally occurring minerals in water may cause scale to form. Whilst scale may be controlled by periodic use of a proprietary descaler (such as those available from supermarkets for treating kettles, irons etc) the effective control of scale can be problematic in some circumstances. Where this is the case Aquahot recommends the use of Claris high capacity ion exchange filters. These filters are specifically designed to remove scale forming minerals (and chlorine) from water without using chemicals such as polyphosphates that can impair the quality of water used for making hot beverages. The Claris filters are simple to install and require no maintenance other than filter replacement, typically after about 6 months. Filter replacement is a simple task requiring no expertise or tools.