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Hyco Omega Wall Mounted Boiling Water Heater 3L

Excl. Tax: £422.00 Incl. Tax: £506.40
The Omega is a practical, stylish wall mounted unit that provides instant near-boiling water for preparing hot drinks in the workplace. The sleek, ergonomic design with curved lines gives a contemporary look whilst the robust, durable design specification makes it an essential appliance in the work environment.

Power 2.85 kW | Initial Draw-Off 3L | Approx Hourly Output 29 L | Dimensions 500 x 330 x 180 mm (including control 255mm) (H x W x D)



    • Designed and assembled in the UK
    • 2.85 kW gives fast heat up time and high recovery rate
    • Time saving – provides instant hot water so no need to wait for the kettle to boil
    • Space saving – frees up worktop space by eliminating the need for a kettle
    • Energy efficient - costs just 5p a day, based on standing losses 23 W. Electricity cost 10p/ kWh.
    • Status ring on base of control valve to indicate ready or heating (green/ red LED)
    • Robust, heavy duty ceramic control valve
    • Cool touch control valve and water outlet reduces heat losses
    • Simple to use and easy to install
    • Durable, high impact and easy to clean white ABS case
    • Sophisticated electronics maintain a constant supply of hot water- even when the unit is automatically re-filling after heavy usage
    • Autocalibration for optimal temperature
    • 1 year on-site warranty as standard

    • It is highly recommended that a filter system is fitted to protect against scale build up. Units may need to be de-scaled regularly. Scale damage is not covered by warranty. 

    Outer Casing
    Easy clean high impact
    Polycarbonate/ ABS

    Heating Element
    2.85 kW incoloy - sheathed type element

    Electronic to control water up to boiling point

    Water Tank
    Stainless steel

    EPP (expanded polypropylene)

    Filter System
    Optional extra- highly recommended.

    See Drinking Water Filters page for filter options.

    IP Rating

    Recovery Rate
    Recovery rate 175 cups per hour for all models based on 167ml cup size.

    Install over a draining board, or work top fitted with a drip tray.

    At least 110mm clearance must be left above and below the unit to allow later removal of the jacket for service.

    Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

    Minimum water pressure 1 bar.

    Maximum water pressure 10 bar.

    Water Connection
    Inlet/ Outlet 2 x 15mm compression.
    1 x tundish recommended.

    Electrical Connection
    Installation must comply with current IEE regulations.

    The product should be connected to the fixed wiring of the property via a double pole fused spur with a minimum break capacity of 13 amps.

    Cable pre-wired (1.5m), to the bottom left.

    It is recommended the unit is descaled every 6 months.

    Drain in base of unit facilitates de-scaling.


    Standard Warranty
    1 year on-site warranty as standard.