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Hyco Boiling Water Filter System Hard Water 25000L

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1 Micron Carbon Block  taste & odour filter cartridge with scale inhibitor.

Quick and easy to change filter

• Automatic water shut off head

• High capacity filters available for heavy commercial use

• All filter models reduce chlorine, improving taste and odour

• F4SST models inhibit scale build up, reducing service costs associated with scale removal

• Does not remove important minerals from water, unlike most reverse osmosis or iron exchange units

• Integral mounting bracket

• All filters are WRAS approved

• Check system is suitable for the water quality in your area

• Scale maps of the UK are readily available online, please refer to these for information regarding water quality in your area

Scale control up to 600ppm (parts per million CACO) in moderate hard water areas

  • Installation
    Wall mounting bracket integral to the filter system.

    Flush filter for 5 minutes prior to use.

    3/8” push fit

    All filters supplied with adaptors to facilitate connection to 15mm copper pipe.

    Replacement Cartridges



    25000L Capacity

     Replace cartridge after 12 months or when capacity is reached, whichever is sooner. 

    If the water flow rate becomes slow this is an indication that the filter cartridge needs replacing.

    Fitting a filter does not negate the need to service and descale your unit at regular intervals.


    Standard Warranty


    490mm x 80mm x 110mm
    Filters are warranted for defects in material and workmanship only.

    F4SST 12 months