Water Usage Guidelines

The following data give an indication of water consumption for a range of activities. Actual requirements may deviate from these typical figures and these data should therefore be taken as being indicative only. It should also be borne in mind that the water heating requirements are frequently determined by the peak rather than average demand, and that water heaters may need to be sized accordingly.

Activity Typical Water Usage
Hand Washing   1 to 2 Litres (35 to 40oC)  
 Kitchen Sink  2 to 7 Litres per meal (60oC)
 Cleaning (General)  2 to 7 (60oC)
 Bath  60 Litre per bath (Water at 60oC not including plus mixing cold water).  
 Hair Dressing  10 Litres per shampoo (35 to 40oC)
 Dishwasher  2 Litres per meal (60oC)
 Washing Machine  20 Litres per wash (60oC)

Shower Low Flow Rate

(e.g. Low Pressure Storage with Standard Shower Head)

15 Litres per 4 min shower (40oC)

Shower High Flow Rate (e.g Mains Pressure Storage

or Power Shower with Rain Shower Head/Body Jets)

 60 Litres per 4 min shower (40oC)